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Is RansenScan as a replacement for Instant Photo Scanner?

I wanted to see how Instant Photo Scanner compared with RansenScan so I decided to download and test IPS.

It took me a long time to find a decent non suspect download for Instant Photo Scanner, but the one at the bottom of this page is, I think, valid.

The first thing I noticed was that it took a long time to install, but I don't think that was the fault of Data Becker, rather of the CNet installer. First you have to download the downloader, then you have to install the downloader and at the very end you have to search your hard disk to find out where the downloader has placed the actual install file of Instant Photo Scanner! What a palaver!

Anyway once installed the first thing the program does is take a "reading" of your empty scanner bed. Presumably this helps to automatically extract multiple photos. The first attempt was not so successful:

Instant Photo Scanner screenshot.

For some reason the program has selected a single diagonal rectangle rather than 5 roughly oriented photos. You can just about see the tilted rectangle in the above screenshot.

I tried exactly the same scan with RansenScan and got these results, much better:

Automatically separating 4 out of 5 photos

Still not perfect but 4 out of 5 is better than 0 out of 5. Next I tried to arrange the photos on the scanning bed more regularly. RansenScan this time was able to extract all 5 photographs automatically:

Automatically separating 5 out of 5 photos  during a single scan

I tried the same setup for Instant Photo Scanner and still it only "recognised" a tilted recognised a tilted triangle in the center of the scan.

To be absolutely sure this was not a fluke by RansenScan (and maybe unfair test for Instant Photo Scanner) I arranged three photos well separated and run both programs again, with the following results:

Instant Photo Scanner tries with 3 separate photos:

Even with three well separated photos Instant Photo Scanner could not extract them into three different images. RansenScan on the other hand did this:

RansenScan  tries with 3 separate photos, and succeeds

You can clearly see the three separate images on the right of the screenshot. To rotate them to the correct orientation all you need to do is right click on the image and select "Rotate Anti Clockwise 90°" from the menu. The results are shown below:

Rotating scanned photos

You don't have to believe me though, the download for Instant Photo Scanner is given at the bottom of this page, and the download for RansenScan is shown below:

If you do install both programs at the same time remember to select your scanner's driver when you run RansenScan and not Instant Photo Scanner's driver.

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The Instant Photo Scanner download is here:



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