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More baseball card scanning tips for collectors.

Here is a first attempt at scanning 6 baseball cards:

Bad arrangement of cards on a scanner bed

Although it looks ok, there are some easily corrected errors. The first thing to know is that RansenScan wants space between the borders of the scanner and the cards. RansenScan will not be able to pick out these cards automatically. But just by moving the cards away from the edges of the scanner "platen" like this...

Better layout on scanner platen

...means that the program can extract the six cards automatically:

Better card layout on scanner bed

You can see the extrected cards in the "list" on the right of the screen.

Another reason for moving the cards from the scanner edges is that the scanner may miss the edges of your cards. Moving the cards slightly inwards means the scanner sensor is sure to get the whole area of your card.

But there is still a problem, the cards look dark. You can brighten them up automatically by clicking on the automatic contrast enhancement check box in Tool Auto Recog menu:

Improving the contrast and quality of scanned card collections

Now the scan will look like this:

Scanning 6 cards at once

And there is another way to improve the process, if you experiment with the layout of your cards on the scanner platen you may discover a better way of placing the cards. For example:

Faster scanning of basball card collections

In the above image you can see that instead of only 6 cards per scan we can do 8. And RansenScan picks all 8 out for you:

Fast scanning of card collections

The cards are already rotated into the correct position (width vs height) because of another option in RansenScan, how to rotate the final images:

Rotate Scanned Card Collections

The "End of scan rotation" option is in the Tools | Settings dialog.

Using a large scanner.

If you use a large scanner, the cards may appear smaller, relative to the size of the scanner bed. In that case you may need to set the auto extraction settings as shown here:


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