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How to scan and save collections of old photos.

It is irritating that most scanning software which comes free with your scanner does not give you the possibility to name the extracted photos exactly as you would like to. Luckily there is a solution, a scanner utility called RansenScan:

Automatic saving of old scanned photos

As David, one of our customers said: "Simply the possibility to name image files as I save them is a major benefit." Not only that, but if the photos are separated on the scanner platen (as shown in the screenshot below) then RansenScan will separate out the photos into individual images:

Automatically Extract Multiplle photos from a scan

The latest version of RansenScan can auto correct the brightness and contrast of your old photos:

Automatically correct brightness and contrast

Click on the button below to get the free Windows demo.


I, at a ripe old age, have drawers full of stuff that needs scanning, too. This little program does what it's supposed to do, and is a great timesaver. Thank you for creating it.





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