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From the scanner direct to the printer, with captions!

Although your shiny plastic disk (CD or DVD of photos) looks invulnerable to the ravages of age, it isn't. It will fail sooner or later, and when it does it will fail catastrophically. What I mean is that though printed photos fade, they fade gradually and you can always recoved much of the image from them. When a CD/DVD goes bad you are more than likely in the situation where a single error makes the whole set of photographs unrecoverable.

For this reason I print all the emotionally important digital photos and keep them in albums stored in a closed cupboard.

But what about your old non digital photo collection? You scan them then save them to ... a CD! You are back to the same old problem. Saving to CD is of course a good precaution, but reprinting your old photos is better.

Now, with RansenScan you can scan four photos (say) in one go, then print them all together, with the addition of captions:


Even better, you can scan one or two large photos and print enlarged details from those photos together with the originals themselves:

You can try the free demo here, and order the full version here. You can read testimonials here.

Aside: Technically good photos and emotionally important photos are only sometimes the same thing. I regard imperfect photos which nudge my emotional memory more important than anonymous (boring boring) photos of sunsets. I'm an engineer, and I like engineering, but it should always be at the service of humans, not vice versa. I upset professionials sometimes with this attitude, but there you are.



This is just the program I have been looking for. In fact, my wife and I are currently scanning in old photos in preparation for some reunions coming up this spring, so we will definitely use RansenScan to take the tedium out of the job!

- Neal


"I really like this program. It makes it so much easier to scan my photos. I have many pictures from both sides of my family that are no longer with us that I put on the web for other family members to enjoy."




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