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Scan multiple photos at once!

"If I send my photos to a service studio I'll end up with some kid on a minimum wage seeing and handling and my precious photos photos! What is the alternative? Has anyone figured out how to reliably and efficiently scan hundreds of old photos?"

I've heard that sort of complaint before. If you have a flatbed scanner and are working in a Windows environment (from XP 32it up to Windows 7 64 bit) then you can use RansenScan There are not many products which will do this, but one is RansenScan.

This program is better than one I've seen for the EPSON Perfection scanner where they ask you to keep the photos 20mm apart form each other (that's almost an inch!). Here is a screenshot of RansenScan showing some photos quite close together, and not even very straight:

Automatic separation of scanned photos

What you are required to do though is keep the photos from touching the edge of the scanner bed. The four images in the screenshot above were extracted automatically, and the closest distances the images come is about 10mm (2/5ths of an inch).

Notice how the extracted sub images have more contrast and color. That was done manually by right clicking on the sub image and choosing "Sub Image Color Correction."

Not all the photos are "the right way up", they are off by 90 or 180 degrees. But the correct rotation is quickly done by right clicking on the sub image and choosing "Rotate 90°" or "Rotate 180°" etc. The end result is shown below:

Rotation of scanned photos

Find out more about RansenScan here.

Click here to download the demo (Windows only)



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