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Scanning Photos, Cards, and Postcards For Sale On ebay

If you have a large collection of photos, cigarette cards or postcards you want to sell on ebay this program could speed things up for you:

Scanning photos for ebay

Not only does it automatically extract multiple images from a single scan, but it also enhances contrast automatically, and you can even watermark them with your name or company name. For example if on ebay you are known as "Bob Smith Sales" ...

scanning sports cards for ebay

...all the extracted images can have you name in one of five positions.

To setup the watermarking use the Tools menu:

watermarking scans for ebay

Then choose your text, text size, text font and text position:

Watermarking postcards for ebay sales

RansenScan has a Windows demo you can download and try for yourself:

How to size your scanned images for ebay sales.



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