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Scanning Postcards Fast!

RansenScan can separate multiple postcards on a single scan:

How to scan your postcard collection quickly

Note that even though one of the postcards has two images inside it RansenScan has been able to correctly extract the single postcard. It is not always that clever though.

Automatic postcard separation

Though it can sometimes make mistakes (the lower right image actually has a larger border than the one extracted) the errors are quickly corrected by double clicking on the "sub image" and fine tuning the angle and size:

Fine tune postcard orientation and size

The optional grid lets you line up your images just so. You can change the angles 0.1° at a time for really fine tuning, or 1 degree at a time,see the buttons top right in the above screenshot.

Unfortunately most scanners are too small and most postcards are too big to be able to get more than three postcards in one go, but at least RansenScan lets you extract and save those three images quickly.

Then there is the manual selection of the postcards, simply drag the mouse over the scan area, rotate and resize it at will, then click on the "Add New Postcard" icon:

Postcard Scanning Program

As far as DPI is concerned your best bet is to scan from between 300 and 600 DPI, most postcards have not been printed at more than 300 DPI (an industry standard).

The software also helps you name and save the separated postcard images by letting you select a base name as explained here.

A free demo for Windows is available, to download and install click on the button below:


Postcard Scanning Software

Postcard Scanning Software



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