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How to scan many small photos in one go.

I had a customer who had a request I had not thought about before, he needed to scan hundreds of very small photos, roughly about 1.2 inches by 1 inch each (3.0 cm by 2.5 cm). He found that RansenScan could not handle them. So I decided to increase the maximum numbers of images per scan. Have a look at his screenshot (which has 17 images):

How to scan many photos in a single go

The aboslute maximum is 20 images, as you can see below:

Straighten photos automatically

Currently the only problem is that the auto-extracted photos are a bit small in the righthand column. But a double click on the thumbnail brings up a bigger version which you can adjust for size, orientation and color.

The above example is a bit forced, but it shows the possibilities. You may be more efficient doing 10 photos at a time so it is easier to keeping the individual photographs separate from each other, not touching.

If your small photos are of a decent resolution and clarity you should probably scan at 600 DPI, a setting found under the Tools Settings menu. Also under the tools menu is the Auto Recog Config setting, which you should set as shown below so that RansenScan realises you want to get hold of small images. Note the 5% setting in the dialog:

Settings for auto extraction of small photos

I'm not sure if anybody needs less than 4% size, but if you do just contact me. You probably can set the "max size of photos" to almost anything more than 15% in this case.

You can find out more about RansenScan here. and you can download the free demo (Windows only) here:

Scan and separate multiple photos in one go


Straightening photos automatically

Auto Cropping.



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