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Sportscard scanning, how to do it quickly

There's probably a part of your house that has stacks of cards everywhere, and you want to make a photograhic scanned archiver of them. I use the Epson V350 photo scanner, but any standard scanner should be sufficient.

Scanning sports cards quickly

RansenScan will scan the images, extract and straighten them automatically as shown the screenshot above. You must have the cards separated by maybe 1/4 of an inch, though they don't need to be exactly placed or oriented.

Some scanners, like the Epson V300, can scan 4 cards in one go, but RansenScan can do up to 6, and if you are doing things other than cards, up to 20!

Extract, crop and straighten photos automatically, in this example 20 of them!

But back to sports cards. When you save the cards you will be prompted for a base name and a starting number, then just click on OK for each card, so you have a chance to change the image's name.

RansenScan is a Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP) program and has a free demo available by clicking on the button below.

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