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Testimonials from RansenScan users.

Several years ago I laboriously scanned hundreds of family photos into digital format. The project took weeks of work, sometimes requiring two scans for each photograph.

By the time I was finished both I and my old flat top scanner were worn out. (I'm convinced those little plastic gears and belts on home scanners only have some may turns in them.)

Recently when I got a small project of about fifty old photos to scan for my old fraternity I thought I would look around for a better way to to the job when I found RensenScan. At first I was a little dubious because I had had problems in the past with software I had purchased from non-major brand names. Also the claims the software offered seemed too good to be true. Well, was I wrong. This software works both exactly as promised and flawlessly.

I was able to go through my whole project with a breeze in a fraction of the time and effort. I only have one recommendation. If you are a business that scans large numbers of photos – get this software. If you are a home PC users who wants to scan all you old photos in to your PC – get this software. And finally, even if you are a home PC user who does a small amount of scanning to do – Get this software.

- Bob M.

Scanning Old Photos Testimonials

I was going to scan in some old photos on a CanoScan 9000Fand was looking for tips, so ran an internet search which hit your website on the first page. I installed and used it last night. I doubt that I will use many of the features since I'm reasonably familiar with GIMP and so will likely use that for any editing I want to do.

Just being able to scan multiple small images and have RansenScan automatically crop to individual images and auto-rotate is worth the cost, in my opinion.

- Larry R.

I searched google for scanning sports cards. Your software showed up in the search results...Thanks for a great product!

- Daniel M

I work at a Sports Card / Comic Book shop and one of my co-workers has been trying to get our store manager to purchase RansenScan. We scan a lot of cards in for ebay listings, like all day long, and he was telling us about how much time this software would save us. I can definitely see that it is much faster for sure. It may not always grab the cards that are laid out, but the super easy editing tools still make it a quick, easy fix. I got a lot more done today after I had installed it and learned how to use it ;) Great stuff, keep it up.

- D P

Thanks, I love this program. I did a Google search for software that can scan multiple images and automatically split them. RansenScan came up. I downloaded demo and it worked great so I bought it. Scanned over 200 pictures last night in just a couple hours. I have a Canon all in one that is not real fast so the speed of scanning is amazing. Very accurate too.

Thanks for writing this software. As a software developer myself, I recognize quality software. RansenScan is quality software.

- Pat M.

Old Photo Albums

I have been digitizing family pictures that go back to my grand parents, close to 100 years. RansenScan has been a fantastic product to scan, straighten and save these old pictures. It’s a timesaver.

- Thomas N.

Sue Chastain's review

"Even though my scanner also has a feature to auto-crop multiple photos, the cropping controls and auto-naming features of RansenScan were big time savers." Read more...


I found RansenScan while searching for multiple image scan software on Google. I am 77 and hope to take the 10 or 11 old photo albums we have built over the years and put them in folders and then burn to disc for any of the family who want them. I already have programs which do the job, windows photo gallery, gimp and maybe one more. When I first visited your website, it had that Good feeling. Many web sites have great products, but the presentation leaves a lot to be desired. One really needs to see the product's features well displayed and easy to view. You have totally simplified it, shown every feature and not just in words, but visually. I tried the demo and it was just as easy as you said.

The thing I think which separates your software from the rest, is the additional, some might say, the little extra things one can do with it. Straightening is so simple one might overlook it as a feature. Trying scanning a big group of pictures with software that doesn't do this, and you'll see how much extra time it takes up. Adding captions, frames, extracting small images, exposure help, it's all here without calling up another program. Again it's simplicity in doing multiple things and the visual presentation at the web site did it for me, also it is not overpriced.

Thanks for seeing the need and following through. I plan to just put these photos in folders by years and put them all on one dvd.

- Gene E

PS: I would like to add the following tip for the program users. I probably have scanned more than 4 thousand photo's, all shapes and sizes with the program and am still completely satisfied. Here is a tip I have found in this scanning. Sometimes some of the photos, such as old Polaroids with lots of white background at the bottom will fail to be completely differentiated by the program. This is due to the white background of the scanner lid. To solve this I have used a piece of light colored construction paper over top the photos before putting the lid down. With that the software can easily see the difference between the white area of the photo versus the white background of the scanner lid. Just thought this might help some of those who are doing lots of scanning.

I tried to find software that helps me scan whole pages of old paper photo albums, not only photo by photo, so I used Google and some keywords. RansenScan was exactly what I need. And there is no other software like RansenScan.

- M. London

I did some general research online. I was looking for SW to auto-correct scans of collectables I am cataloging. RansenScan is the only easy and reasonable to use program for Windows I was able to find.

- John Q.

I was looking to scan some old photographs of my mother's but they were stuck onto black pages of an album. None of my current software was doing a very good job so I did what everyone else does - I googled the problem and was fortunate to come across your program.

I have already processed over 50 photos and am over the moon. The program does a great job - a really practical piece of software (I also write software and so can appreciate practical applications).


Dick Crook has mentioned RansenScan in his "So Proud" blog.

"I am a recently retired computer professor and developer/administrator for a community college's Academic Computer department. I am currently preparing to teach a 'seniors'' course in what I am calling "Archiving Your Media Memories.' As part of that short course, I will be addressing picture scanning issues, along with archiving slides, videos, motion pictures, and various audio recording formats. Naturally, these are some of the same things that I am trying to archive as efficiently as possible. My plan is to suggest software, sometimes specific software, as well as hardware which these individuals can economically purchase and use. I am of course mindful of an assumed lack of knowledge on the part of my audience and want to keep things as simple as possible. In my research, I located your product on-line and plan on demonstrating and promoting it in class."

From the blog:

If you are part the ‘baby boomer’ population you no doubt have stacks and perhaps boxes of printed pictures, both yours and likely your parents. Great memories. But, how do you live with them in the 21st century where everything is ‘digitized?’ Thinking about scanning each one or creating ‘scanable’ collages to tell various stories is one that certainly overwhelmed me.

Then I sought and found help. I noticed that my printer, an HP 4599 had an option to scan several pictures and separate them into individual files that could be saved to my hard drive. Unfortunately, the program was less than accurate, often missing the majority of individual pictures, resulting in one or possibly two files. To its defense, the program did allow for manual identification and separation of the images. Still, the process was frustratingly slow both for the above reason and because it simply processed the images very slowly.

So, I went shopping on-line. While I was poking around on the WWW, I located several programs that claimed to accomplish my goal of multiple picture scanning. I tried three of them and then was overwhelmed by the power of one produced by Ransen Software called, you got it, Ransen Scan.

"I'm doing a slideshow for a graduation and have hundreds of photos from parents to scan.I googled something about scanning photos for a Brother flatbed and your site came up first. I downloaded the demo and sampled it and was sold on it in about 3 minutes. It has made life so much easier for this project and faster."

- Barbara R.

One Scan, Many Photos!

I use RS on a Brother MFC-6490CW scanner/printer (A3/11x17) flatbed. Sure can get a lot of photos scanned in one pass! I'm working my way through over 50 years of photos to get up to ~ 1997 when I switched to digital cameras. RansenScan with Picasa to edit/organize is what I need. Thank you very much for RansenScan!


"One of my neighbours has the daughter of an old friend staying with her, on holiday here. She leaves tonight at 7.20 p.m. to go back home after being here for a month. Last night, less than 24 hours before her departure, she brought me a pack of photographs she'd had printed yesterday (247 of them !) which she'd taken while she was here. She asked me to scan them into my PC and compile a slideshow for her to show her family when she got home.

"I could only fit 4 photos on my A4 flatbed scanner at one time, due to their size, and I scanned them at 600dpi.

"Without RansenScan it would've taken all night to scan the photos but using RansenScan I was done in a couple of hours. Scanning the photos one at a time would have taken forever. What a time saver it is! I can't think of another programme which has been so useful to me.

"Multitudinous thanks! Top stuff - highly recommended!"

- Alan

I googled for software to handle multiple photo scans and found your product. I used the demo software and have to say I was impressed with the results and therefore purchased. I am delighted with the results.

- Bridget B

"This software came at the perfect time! My other half had scanned all my family albums a at least five - six years ago. I had them on a hard drive..and on CD's. I tried to get one of the files a few days ago.and the pictures just did not look all that great. My other half used the new Ransen Scan and Scanned a few pages and wow! What a difference!

"Part of the reason the pics were better is we had a newer better scanner. But, because of the ease of use of this software and the quality of the product, he is willing to rescan all the albums again! He loves the fact that he can be straighten up photos easily!

"To be able to automatically extract the photos is a huge time saver. Being able to add captions is very helpful. We will use this feature to say which album they came from and the page #. (For Example - "Denis 1 page 6")

"That will mean it came from the Album I have physically labeled on the album cover as photos of Denis 1 (the first album - and it was on page 6) This way, we always know where the original is and it will help us organize the photos much more easily. Also,. if we want pics of Denis in a close time frame, we know exactly what to look for!

"You can organize the pics in a physical album, but doing it digitally take a bit more effort. This software makes that SIMPLE, EASY & FAST! Those 3 things - Easy, Fast & Simple mean: It WILL happen! The pics will be scanned, they will be organized and they will be used to share with family and friends!

"Thanks so much for this super software. My other half would have probably been willing to rescan the originals, but...now he is happy to do it as it will take a LOT less time. Straightening and extracting the pics were always the things that took the most time. Now, it is a piece of cake!"

- Miss Rose

"RansenScan is an awesome program. I make DVDs that include family photos and music and I used to spend hours on the scanning process alone. With RansenScan I can scan multiple photos, edit them, and then save them individually on my computer in just minutes. I could have used this program 5 years ago!!! Thank you for an incredible product."

- Cindy

"Simply the possibility to name image files as I save them is a major benefit."

- David

"I think the RansenScan is very useful when you have lots of old film-based photos laying around (we all have that -) and want to digitalize them, save them in a library and get easy access to them on the computer for different projects. The multiple photo scan makes it faster and easier than the software that came with my scanners, and timesaving doing these dreary tasks is really a great thing."

- Eva

"I just today was working with some pics from my garden from years ago. I like being able to print more than one on a page and have a caption or two. Thinking about this... also, pics of my kids...... at picnics, school functions, birthday parties...... Being able to scan them in..and then have them together... and I can add the year...and or comments....

"How cool! I think this will make me re-think the scanning I have lined up for my other half.... so he has to re-scan some stuff..it will be worth it.... to be able to have straight pics..and captions. RansenScan has just become just indispensible!"

- Rose

"It's the first time I've ever seen a program like this, and is a great! I usually scan one photo at a time and spend time getting it on the scanner just right. When I do multiple scans like you show I spend a lot of time cropping and straightening. RansenScan makes nboth these tasks a breeze!"

- Mike

"This is just the program I have been looking for. In fact, my wife and I are currently scanning in old photos in preparation for some reunions coming up this spring, so we will definitely use RansenScan to take the tedium out of the job!"

- Neal

"The more I use RansenScan the better it gets!  I’ve recently started a large scanning project, the old way, one piece at a time. What a joy to now fill up the scanner with my original artwork (used for cards); have them quickly separated into individual pieces.  I can crop them; edit, add captions, quotes, etc. and then either file, print, or both.  Super easy program with great big results; truly remarkable!  I’ve seen nothing like it.

"(P.S: The print option is great.  And I can get get several sub scans, after I edit each one, on the same page and use one caption for them all, before I print.  This way I can crop different parts of my art work as sub scans and bring them together on the. Thanks! )"

- Suzanne

"RansenScan has made a huge difference in the amount of time it is taking me to ditigalize my family photos - I became the family archivist somehow and have more than a dozen boxes of photo albums to sort through. Imagine cutting down four to six hours of work so that it only takes an hour or so. That's what RansenScan has done for me.

"I particularly like the save all sub images feature. Name each one in succession, save in your format of choice, and move on.

"Thanks for the great program."

- Susan

"On vacation I always collect ticket stubs, cards, tokens and other little things that help tell the story of my trip. I am using RansenScan to turn this collection into pictures that I can upload to my online album along with the regular photos."

- Rosemary

"I have hundreds of old family photographs, some dating as far back as the late 1800s. I needed to transfer these old photos to digital images for sharing with members of the family and for displaying them in video projects.

"To scan these one at a time would be extremely time consuming and this realization led me to search for a program which would simplify the process. RansenScan, as a whole, gives me the ability to separate each photograph from one scanned image, align them, and quickly and easily save and name them according to their subject.

"I can then digitally share these photographs with others as well as use them in creating personal family projects.

"I really like the software and separating images is what I use it for. I don't know of any other software which provides such ease of use or flexibility in separating multiple photographs from a scanned image. RansenScan is the best!"

- David

"I, at a ripe old age, have drawers full of stuff that needs scanning, too. If this little program does what it's supposed to do, it will be a great timesaver. Thank you for creating it."

- Daniel

"I get a lot of receipts that I need to keep for business and tax records. Often these receipts are printed on thermal paper. (All the important receipts form the post office are like this.) These receipts fade. After a year they are hard to read and after two or three years they are worthless. RansenScan can be used to scan groups of these and print them (or just store them on the computer) for a permanent record."

- Ms West

My wife and I make art book and family memento heirloom books. These often involve me having to scan up to eighty photographs for restoration before including in the books. This is time consuming and tedious.

Then, along came RansenScan software: I can load the scanner plate with eight or ten images at a time, scan them and let the software separate them out in to single images ready for saving with a generic name (which is also a straight forward, easy task in RansenScan) ready for restoration. What used to sometimes need eighty scans can now be done in ten or twelve. The only questions I have now is, why hasn’t anyone written software like this before. Buy it!

- Gordon

The key to your product is ease of "manual extraction" of the sub-photos. So I'm doing 100% manual extraction with your tool. The manual extraction method is pretty good!

- Joe

RansenScan has performed beyond my expectations, and I have been very happy with it. It works so much better than the previous HP software I had been using.

- Iris

Owen - thank you for your quick reply yesterday. I ended up getting a good deal on a used scanner with an 8.5 x 14 scan area. That should allow me to put 10 cards on the scanner bed each time (I was worried that the 17" scanner might make my eyes hurt with all those cards on it!) and 10 at a time, plus all the nice features of your software, should make me quite efficient.

I've tried numerous document scanners where you feed the cards through the scanner path at a very fast rate. I've read about several sellers who swear by this - but 3 different scanners that I tried would each do damage to the cards with their rollers.

The one that does work fairly well has to be cleaned about every 15 scans or it starts to leave white lines on the scans from dust that gets on the rollers. What's so great about RansenScan is that, in those cases where the sub images aren't selected perfectly, you have the option to fix them right then and there before saving, and when you're done with the group on the scanner bed, you are truly done.

That's why I tried moving away from flatbed scanning, was those times when the auto crop didn't work at all or it would cut off 1 card incorrectly ... there was so much time wasted having to stop my process, go find the file and either delete it or modify it, then remember where I was in my stack of cards and pick out the right one to re-scan. I'm really excited to get started with RansenScan.

- P G R

I would like to add the following tip for the program users. I probably have scanned more than 4 thousand photo's, all shapes and sizes with the program and am still completely satisfied. Here is a tip I have found in this scanning. Sometimes some of the photos, such as old Polaroids with lots of white background at the bottom will fail to be completely differentiated by the program. This is due to the white background of the scanner lid. To solve this I have used a piece of light colored construction paper over top the photos before putting the lid down. With that the software can easily see the difference between the white area of the photo versus the white background of the scanner lid. Just thought this might help some of those who are doing lots of scanning.

- G E


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