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How to scan and save collections of old photos.

Scanning collections of old photos can take a long long time! I know, I've done it. Even modern scanners don't seem to have taken into account the strange page sizes of old photograph albums, and the software supplied is not suited for quickly selecting sub images from within a scan and saving them separately from the big scanned image.

I decided that what was needed was something which helps me in this very specific job, and here is a graphical idea of it:

Auto straighten images

You put a lot of photos on the scanner, and as soon as the scan is finished the individual photos are separated automatically to be enhanced and saved with their own descriptive name, and maybe even caption and frame.

RansenScan is a Windows application which does just that. It can recognise up to 20 photos in a single scan (admittedly with 20 photos they have to be small, but that makes RansenScan all the more valuable!)

Auto Extract Imagesl

As one of our customers said: "Thanks for the RansenScan application. I have 15 years worth of paper family photos to scan and your new application makes the effort feasible rather than frightening!"

There is even has an option for always aligning the images as you want them. Let me explain... If you always put the images on the scanner bed with a certain angle you may get this:

No auto rotate after auto straighten

Which is good, you can see that all the images have been extracted and straighted automatically, but they are all lying on their side! Now there is an option to rotate every image by 90, -90 or 180 degrees. So now the automatic scan and extract gives you these results:

Auto rotate after auto straighten

The images are now the right way up! They appear smaller of course, but they have the same resolution as the "on their side" versions. Click here for more info.

The latest version has options for adding frames and captions to your photos...

Frame and caption dialog for scanned photo

...click here for more information.

RansenScan has a demo (Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP) which you can try with your own image or photo collection:

Click here for more general tips on scanning collections of old photos.

I think RansenScan is very useful when you have lots of old film-based photos laying around (we all have that -) and want to digitalize them, save them in a library and get easy access to them on the computer for different projects. The multiple photo scan makes it faster and easier than the software that came with my scanners, and speeding up these dreary tasks is really a great thing.


"RansenScan is ideal for my ebay business which sells antique postcards"



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