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Repligator has 150 effects, many of them Art Effects. You can change your normal photos into works of art by Jackson Pollock, Paul Klee, Andy Warhol, Van Gogh! Here are some examples. Some use the mixing options. The first image is the original

Original Warhol Type Effect

Futurist (with mixing) Pollock (with mixing)

Paul Klee (no mixing)

Art effects applied to a landscape.
Click here to see larger images of art effects

How easy it is to combine effects using Repligator.


How to add a photo flash to an image

How to add sparkle to a photograph

How to create a sepia vignette from a normal photograph
Sepia Vignette Effect

How to apply Artistic Effects easily and simply to your images

How to create a pencil sketch from your photograph
Rough Sketch Effect

Background Designer

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"I came across this software while looking for free graphics software. I would love to be able to afford adobe photoshop but it is way above my means, What a great surprize to find this, not free of course, but very affordable."
- MH


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