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How to create an Andy Warhol photo

The very distinctive Andy Warhol style can be applied with just a few mouse clicks to your photos to create a Warhol masterpiece! The dialog box for choosing colors and "splodge" and number of images is very simple:

How to create an Andy Warhol photo

Just choose the number of vertical and horizontal repeats, how many inks are used, and the strength of Andy's hand! If you click on the smaller image you can even modify the "palette" which Andy uses in each sub image:

The dialog for choosing colors in and Andy Warhol photo

Here are some examples of the images created with this program. The first one is limited to two inks per sub image:

Creating an Andy Warhol photo is easy

In the example below we have set less images, but more inks. You can see the original photo on the left:

An example of how to create an andy warhol photo

Below you can see and example of how a black and white original can be made more dynamic with the great range of colors in the Warhol effect:

Einstein and Warhol, special effects

This is just one of the 150 effects available in the latest version of the program. Repligator runs on all versions of Windows, and a free demo is available:

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