Introduction to Repligator
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Repligator Tutorials
Tutorial - Getting Started
Tutorial - Multiple Image Creation
Tutorial - Fine Tuning Your Effects
Tutorial - Improving Image Quality
Tutorial - How to make vignettes
Tutorial - How to make stardust vignettes from your photographs
Abstract (Art Frame) Effect
Balla Effect
Bathroom Glass
Beads Effect
Bevel Effect
Blue China Effect
Blur Effect
Braque Effect
Bubbles effect
Captioned Photo Effect
Cartoon Effect
Charcoal Sketch Effect
Color Enhancer Effect
Colorful Framer
Color High Pass Filter
Color TV
Colored Balls Effect
Colored Chrome
Colored Contours Effect
Composite Image Effect
Crazy Paving effect
Cross Stitch Effect
Cubist Effect
Cylindrical Mirror Effect
Dalmation Illusion
Dark Light Effect
Diamond Drops Effect
Dice Effect
Ditsies Effect
Double Gradient Effect
Duotone Effect
Edges Effect
Eighties Photo Effect
Ellipse of Light Effect
Emboss Effect
Embroidery and needlework
Emergence Effect
Engraved Effect (Style 1)
Engraved Effect (Style 2)
Ethnic Effect
Explosion Effect
Fallen Letters Effect
Fauves Effect
Flowers and Leaves
Fur (Animal Spots) Effect
Futurist Effect
Glow Effect
Glowing Edges Effect
Graded Dots Effect
Grunge Effect
Hermann Rorschach Effect
Horizon Ripples Effect
HSV Blur Effect
High Pass Filter
Image Chaos Order Effect
Indigo Effect
Infra Red Effect
Ivy Effect
Kaleidoscope Effect
Lens Flare
Lightening Effect
Liquid Drops
Liquid Energy Effect
Mach Speed Warp Effect
Mad Painter Effect
Manga Ray Effect
Mark Tobey Effect
Mis-Registration Effect
Mondrian Effect
Mosaic Effect
Motion Blur Effect
Multi Colorize
Multitone Effect
Net Effect
Newsprint Effect
Noise Effect
Number Puzzle Effect
Old Film Effect
Old Monitor Effect
Optical Art effect
Parnassum Effect
Pastel Effect
Paul Klee Effect
Paws Effect
Peeling Plaster Effect
Pencil Sketch Effect
Phases of the Moon
Pixelize Effect
Pointillist Effect
Polka Dot Effect
Pollock (Jackson) effect
Pop Art effect
Primitive Art
Psychedelic Effect
Psychedelic Watercolor Effect
Radial Ink Sketch
Radial Blur Effect
Radiate Effect
Relief Map Effect
Reyes Effect
Ribbons Effect
Riley (Bridget) Effect
Rough Sketch Effect
Rubber Stamp effect
Scrap Art Effect
Segmented Image Effect
Sepia Print Effect
Shadow Bars Effect
Sliced Image Effect
Snowflakes Effect
Sonar Effect
Sparkles Effect
Spectral Transform Effect
Spider's Web Effect
Spiral Engraving
Spirals Effect
Spiralize Effect
Star Flash Effect
Stardust Effect
Stubble Brush Effect
Techno Fragmentation Effect
Text effect
Text Shadow Effect
Textured Distortion Effect
Textured Emboss
Textured Image Effect
Tiles Effect
Tinted Negative Effect
Transparent Split Effect
Under Glass Effect
Underwater Effect
Vasarely Effect
Vorticist Effect
Warhol Effect
Warp Print Effect
WEB fade and and smoothing to WEB page color
Wood Effect
System requirements
How to change effect settings
Exporting and saving images
Automatic signature
Color Source Chooser
DPI, Dots Per Inch
Enabling and disabling specific filters (and mixing)
How to delete an image?
Upgrading from a previous version
Image Sequencies
One-click multiple image generation
Options Dialog (PRO version only)
Paste with resize
Presets (Pro Version Only)
Printing from Repligator
Reporting program errors
A Few Questions
Automatic installation as a plugin mode
Automatic Size Reduction for large images
Background Designer Dialog
Brick wall parameter setting dialog
Choosing colors in Repligator
Copying and pasting with an extra colored border
Crop Dialog
Function Keys, Icons and Shortcuts
How much RAM (memory) does Repligator need?
How to choose between Home and Pro versions
How to choose an effect
How to darken the edges of an image
How to speed up Repligator
Image File Import Wizard
Image Quality (Anti-aliasing)
Internal Copy and Paste For Double Effects
Manual installation as a plugin
Manual installation as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop CS3
Manual installation as a plugin for Corel Paint Shop Pro X2
Multiple Image Creation
Mixing transformed image with original image
Sequence Overview Dialog
The "Save Image File" and "Save Image As"  commands
Advanced Selection Dialog
The Magic Framer
The Rotation Dialog
Tips for digicam users
Uninstalling Repligator
Variations on a theme: F8 and Control-F8
Vector output of some effects (Pro Version Only)
Vector output settings (Pro Version Only)
Why resize up?
Zoom commands
UNDO and control-Z
Image Properties