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Warhol Effect Software Download

If you want to turn a photo into a set of Warhol style screen prints then this is the program for you! You can download the software by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page, and here are some examples of what you can do with it. In all cases I have used this first original photo:

With the program you can set the firmness of Andy Warhol's hand as he makes the screenprint, and if he is feeling weak you get the horizontal stripes you can seen in the first example below:

Example of Andy Warhol with a weak hand and 4 x 4 images

You can also set how many images to have in the new images. In the following example we have increased the strength of Andy's hand and rediuced the number of images:

Warhol Effect Example 2, 3 x 3 images

The variations are endless, but here is one last example where we have many many more images and more colors per image:

5 x 5 Warhol Filter image

You can see how easy it is by downloading the program. There are more Warhol examples here, And don't forget the Pop Art Effect!

A different way of creating a Andy Warhol images from your own photos

Although the above effect is specifically designed to create Andy Warhol screen prints from your photographs, but there is another way of doing with Repligatir it if you are not interested in having multiple versions on the same image. This is called the Color Reduction effect. Here are some examples, all taken from the same photograph, which is shown on the left below:

Color Reducer Warhol Effect

The Color Reducer effect is different from the purpose designed Warhol Type Effect because it does not repeat the images for you. Another difference is that the program tries to match the colors as best it can with the palette you have given it. You can choose up to 36 colors, and decide what the colors are. Here is the settings dialog box:

Color Reducer Effect Dialog Settings

Here are a another two examples:

Color Reducer Examples

Click on the button below to get the free version and get going on your own photos:

Download Repligator Free



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"I found a link to your website one day when I was looking to make a greeting card with an Andy Warhol image from a photo. I must say I was so impressed with playing around that I decided to purchase it." - A happy Repligator customer.


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