1) How to use this help file (READ THIS FIRST)

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Please read this first.


You should read in sequence the numbered parts 1) to 7), starting with this one. These will give you a brief rough overview of the Inventor API.


Then you should use the index (at the top of the contents page) to find answers to specific questions as they pop up when you create your own Autodesk Inventor C++ programs.


Apart from this brief introduction, this help file is a set of code fragments, nothing more.


You can contact me, Owen Ransen, at help@ransensoftware.com.


I've also included tips on Using Inventor Manually. You may be a programmer, but you do need how to use Inventor as a normal user before you can hope to program it! There are a ton of tutorials out there about using Inventor. If neccessary please do at least some of them before attempting the rest of this book.


The code fragments are designed to help you understand how to do things. Some of them are identical to functions in my Inventor helper library. The library is updated more often than this text, ask me if you want the sources of the library.


Compilation error codes are included in the index. If you get C2064 then there may be an explanation in this help file. Use the index for C2064.


You need to be a decent C++ programmer and have a good working knowledge of Windows MFC .



Now, go to 2) Introduction.



Text, images and diagrams © 2021 Owen F. Ransen. All rights reserved. (But copy the source code as much as you want!)