3) Connecting to Inventor from a Windows MFC app.

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Here is what your init of you MFC Windows application could look like:


BOOL CCollMakeApp::InitInstance()



       InitCtrls.dwSize = sizeof(InitCtrls);

       // Effettuare questa impostazione in modo da includere tutte le classi di controlli comuni da utilizzare

       // nell'applicazione.

       InitCtrls.dwICC = ICC_WIN95_CLASSES;



   ::CoInitialize (NULL) ;


   if (!ExcelIsPresent()) {

       // Required if you use tabular iParts

       gLogger.Printf (ekErrMsg,L"Is Excel installed for Inventor?") ;



   const bool kbInventorOK = ConnectToInventor();


   if (!kbInventorOK) {

       return FALSE ;





       // Creare il gestore della shell se la finestra di dialogo contiene

       // controlli della visualizzazione elenco o struttura ad albero della shell.

       CShellManager* pShellManager = new CShellManager;


   // Initialization finished, run the main dialog of the application...


           CMainDlg dlg;

           m_pMainWnd = &dlg;




   // Program finished, tidy up...


   // Let the user see dialogs etc...

   GetInvAppPtr()->SilentOperation = VARIANT_FALSE ;


   // Free up Inventor interface globals

   DestroyInventorGlobals () ;




       // Eliminare il gestore della shell creato in precedenza.

       if (pShellManager != NULL)


               delete pShellManager;



       return FALSE;



CoInitialize and CoUninitialize are required to be able to use COM and its pointers. What I do is, in sequence:


1.CoInitialize starts up COM and COM pointer handling.
2.CreateInventorGlobals, sets up things useful to me as my Inventor program is running. It also starts Inventor running.
3.dlg.DoModal would be a dialog with buttons which the user can use to make objects with the Inventor API.
4.DestroyInventorGlobals tidies up my pointers after the dialog has finished (i.e. when I come out of DoModal).
5.::CoUninitialize for the final tidy up of the COM pointers and interface


Step 3 above is the heart of the program, a dialog box which talks to Inventor. You have to write that!


4) Inventor pointers and DestroyInventorGlobals









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