AddCustomiPartMember details and tips

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Look at this call:


pOccs->AddCustomiPartMember(strFactoryFile,  // This is the source file of the object to create

                           pMatrix,         // This is where to place the created custom iPart

                           strFullFileName, // This is the resulting file of the created object

                           varEmpty,        // Usually unused with custom iParts, hence varEmpty.

                           oleSafeArray,    // Parameters, in column order

                           &pCyl1Occ) ;


varEmpty will be something like this:


   CComVariant varEmpty ;


The creation of oleSafeArray is explained here. However remember that the values must be in column order, for example:


   BSTR strParams[] =


               CString("35 mm").AllocSysString(),  // Diameter

               CString("1.5 mm").AllocSysString(), // Thickness

               CString("350 mm").AllocSysString(), // Length

               CString("10").AllocSysString(),     // R1Angle

               CString("20").AllocSysString(),     // R2Angle


   const int ikNumParams = sizeof(strParams)/sizeof(strParams[0]) ;


   COleSafeArray oleSafeArray;

   oleSafeArray.CreateOneDim(VT_BSTR, ikNumParams, strParams);


The call may fail for one of these reasons:

1.The columns you have specified don't make solid sense, an outer diameter smaller than an inner diameter for example.
2.The factory file (first parameter) does not exist.


The two filenames can be created like this:


   CComBSTR strFactoryFile(L"C:\\CHS_LHS_COLL\\Tube-Custom.ipt") ;

   CComBSTR strFullFileName(L"C:\\CHS_LHS_COLL\\Tube_999.ipt") ;



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