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AddForSolid creates a profile inside a sketch which can be used for extrusion (for example).


CComPtr<Profile> pProfile = NULL;

CComVariant pSegs;

CComVariant pReserve;

pSketch->Profiles->AddForSolid (VARIANT_TRUE, // combine all elements into one "path"

                               pSegs,        // path segments, may well not be used

                               pReserve,     // not used, but parameter requitred

                               &pProfile);   // returned combined profile



The VARIANT_TRUE means combine all the elements in the sketch into one path.


pSegs may well not be used.


In the above case pProfile is the return data from AddForSolid. pProfile could be used later in the function like this:


CComPtr<ExtrudeDefinition> pExtrudeDef;

hRes = pExtrudeFs->CreateExtrudeDefinition(pProfile,PartFeatureOperationEnum::kJoinOperation,&pExtrudeDef);



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