Alternative to a virtual component in a BOM

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If you want to add liquids or solder or other materials to your assembly you can use virtual components. This generally works, but sometimes, for various reasons, this is not the best way.


So, instead, you can create an IPT and say it is counted not as an item but as a quantity, milligrams, or mm or whatever. Look at the quantity for GA1234 in the parts list below:



It says the quantity is 14 grams. (The other quantities in the list above are counts of the number of IPTs in the assembly.)


Create the IPT which you want to contain your quantity and which you want to appear in the BOM and Parts List. In the example below GA1234.IPT has had its BOM settings set to grams:





The next step is to make that parts entry in the BOM "Static", which means you can write whatever number you want in there, it is not calculated:




Finally, if you want a parts list as well as a BOM, be sure to use QTY as one of the columns. As you design your parts list choose QTY as shown below:






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