Assembly WorkPoints and Part WorkPoints

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These are a bit different and so cannot be assumed to behave in the same way. You cannot, in an assembly, create a WorkPoint from a SketchPoint. Autodesk says:


"Hi! Certainly, the behavior is not intuitive but there are technical reasons behind it. Inventor assembly (except assembly features and weldment) is not history based like part. The advantage is to allow users to structure the assembly and swap out components with ease. Work geometry is treated like a component. So, a workpoint or a workplane or a workaxis is actually a component which can be constrained to other geometry. Assembly level work geometry can be adjusted by editing the constraint values. It is not like the work geometry in a part as features.


However, assembly level sketch does have a sense of history like assembly features. Allowing non-history based operation like constraining to act on history based object can lead to an unsolvable cycle. As a result, assembly level work geometry cannot be constrained to an assembly sketch. There is room for improvement here. At least, it should be made more apparent why this operation is blocked. I will work with project team to understand the behavior better and see if the limitation can be removed."


The same presumably goes for WorkAxis and WorkPlane objects.



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