Create a rectangular pattern of parts programatically

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Here is an example. Remember that occurrences are "links to parts" inside an assembly:


bool CreateYArrayOfParts (CComPtr<ComponentOccurrences> pOccurrencesList, // The occurrences in the assembly

                          CComPtr<AssemblyComponentDefinition> pCctsAssemblyCompDef,   // def of the assembly

                          CComPtr<ComponentOccurrence> pObjOcc,

                          const double kDeltaYMm,

                          const UINT ikCount) 


    CComPtr<OccurrencePatterns> pOccPatterns ;

    pOccPatterns = pCctsAssemblyCompDef->GetOccurrencePatterns();

    if (pOccPatterns == nullptr) {

        gLogger.Printf(ekErrMsg, "GetOccurrencePatterns failed");

        return false;



    CComPtr<TransientObjects> pTransientObjects = GetTransientObjectsPtr() ; 


    CComVariant varObjEnumerator;

    CComPtr<ObjectCollection> pObjectCollection;

    HRESULT hRes = pTransientObjects->CreateObjectCollection(varObjEnumerator, &pObjectCollection);

    if (FAILED(hRes)) {

        gLogger.Printf(ekErrMsg, "CreateObjectCollection failed");

        return false;



    // Add the part which is the basis to the pattern...

    hRes = pObjectCollection->Add (pObjOcc) ;

    if (FAILED(hRes)) {

        gLogger.Printf(ekErrMsg, "Add to ObjectCollection failed");

        return false;



    // Get hold of the y axis...

    CComPtr<WorkAxis> pYWorkAxis ;

    GetAsmWorkAxisByName (pYWorkAxis,L"Y Axis",pCctsAssemblyCompDef) ;

    if (FAILED(hRes)) {

        gLogger.Printf(ekErrMsg, "Could not get assembly y axis");

        return false;




                                        _variant_t((IDispatch *)pYWorkAxis),


                                        CComVariant(kDeltaYMm/10.0), //ColumnOffset As Variant, 

                                        CComVariant(ikCount), // ColumnCount As Variant, 

                                        CComVariant(), // [RowEntity] As Variant, 

                                        VARIANT_TRUE, // [RowEntityNaturalDirection] As Boolean, 

                                        CComVariant(0.0),// [RowOffset] As Variant, 

                                        CComVariant(1)); //  [RowCount] As Variant)


    return (hRes == S_OK) ;



You could make it more general.


See also suppression of occurrences in a pattern.



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