Create an assembly document C#

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This code creates a new assembly and sets the measurement units to be mm


       public static AssemblyDocument CreateNewAssembly ()




               // Get the list of documents currently open inventor

               Documents DocList = m_Inventor.Documents;


               FileManager FileMan = m_Inventor.FileManager;


               string sTemplateFile = FileMan.GetTemplateFile(DocumentTypeEnum.kAssemblyDocumentObject,

                                                              SystemOfMeasureEnum.kMetricSystemOfMeasure); // Make sure metric units


               // Create the doc and get hold of it...

               AssemblyDocument NewAsmDoc = (AssemblyDocument)DocList.Add(DocumentTypeEnum.kAssemblyDocumentObject);

               NewAsmDoc.UnitsOfMeasure.LengthUnits = UnitsTypeEnum.kMillimeterLengthUnits; // make sure mm units


               return NewAsmDoc;



           catch (Exception Ex)


               MessageBox.Show("Create new assembly failed, " + Ex.Message);

               return null;

























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