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This function does not actually create an extrusion, it should be paired with Add to do that. Here is an example (error checking removed):


   // Now at last we can use the pProfile to create a new extrusion, adding it to the list

   // of extruded features

   CComPtr<ExtrudeDefinition> pExtrudeDef;

   hRes = pListOfExtrusions->CreateExtrudeDefinition(pProfile,kJoinOperation,&pExtrudeDef);


   pExtrudeDef->SetDistanceExtent(_variant_t(kHeight),kPositiveExtentDirection );


   CComPtr<ExtrudeFeature> pExtrude;

   hRes = pListOfExtrusions->Add (pExtrudeDef);


What you need to remember is that an ExtrudeDefinition is not an extrusion feature.




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