Creating a big tube with holes in it

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Start a new part and then a new sketch. Use the XY plane for your sketch:



While in sketch mode draw two circles on it, then exit the sketch:




Now extrude, you may have to select the "profile" as being the area between the two circles:





In the browser select the yz plane and create a new sketch there:





Like this:



Now you have to put some points in the sketch which can be used as hole centers. To do this make sure that center point is highlighted like this:





Now when you use the point command the points you make can be used as center points:




Putting 3 points in the yz sketch will look like this:





Click on Finish Sketch, you'll return to the 3D part view. Now click on the Hole icon and you'll get something like this:





Text, images and diagrams © 2021 Owen F. Ransen. All rights reserved. (But copy the source code as much as you want!)