File types

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Inventor Standard Part File: *.ipt.: Used for storing general single or multi-body components or part. For example a shaft, bolt, etc. Part files are the building blocks of any design.  Collections of part files come together to make an assembly. The Inventor standard part file can be created easily by using the Standard (mm).ipt, Standard (in).ipt or Standard.ipt template on the New File dialog box.


Inventor sheetmetal part file: *.ipt. Used for creating parts (and iParts?) or components with constant and thin thicknesses. Most sheet metal parts have thicknesses ranging from 1 mm to 6 mm. You can create sheet metal parts by using the Sheetmetal (mm).ipt, sheetmetal (in).ipt or sheetmetal.ipt template on the New File dialog box.


Standard Assembly File: *.iam. It is used for storing assembly files. Collections of part files come together to make an assembly. An assembly file is made of parts or components that are linked to each other parametrically. All assemblies without weldments are accommodated here. Inventor standard assembly files can be created by using the Standard(mm).iam, Standard(in).iam or Standard.iam template on the New File dialog box.


Inventor Weldment Assembly File: *.iam. This type of assembly file is used for creating assemblies that require welding process for joining one part or component to another. This file type can be created by using the Weldment.iam template on the New File dialog box


Inventor Drawing File: *.idw or *.dwg. The Inventor detail drawing files are used for creating design documentation. In a drawing file, one creates views (sectioned, detailed, orthographic, auxiliary, etc) accompanied with annotations, dimensions and Bill of Materials (BOM). There are two ways of creating drawing files in Inventor. One is with the *.idw file type and the other is with the *.dwg. The DWG format is an industry standard and such files may be viewed with AutoCAD-based applications.


Inventor Presentation File: *.ipn *.ipt: Used for creating exploded views of assemblies. These exploded parts could be animation to visualize how the parts will be assembled Can be created by using the Standard(mm).ipn, Standard(in).ipt or Standard.ipn.


Inventor Project File: *.ipj : This is like the root of a large project.


Inventor iFeature file: .ide : A file for an iFeature..



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