Four API methods warning when compiling for MFC

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Yes, those four API methods have the same name with the methods which are introduced by Windows library. The clients need to use rename to remove the warning.


And about the question that the client asks whether could change the methods name in Inventor type library, I am afraid not, because we have rules that once a library is released to customer, we don't allow to update the method names, unless there is a special requirement, such as the method parameters needs be updated based on design or the method is  totally useless. And about the four methods "DeleteFile", "CopyFile", "MoveFile" and "SetEnvironmentVariable", they are all old methods which exist for many Inventor releases. So I think they will not be renamed unless PD's permission.


These have existed since almost the beginning of the Inventor API.  Ideally we would not have the name conflict but this isn't a big issue and we do not see it hasn't caused any big problems for the past many years.



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