FullDocumentName and GetLocationFoundIn

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These two functions tell you about the "location" of the part.



       // Show in what current project the part is...

       CComBSTR bstrLocationName;

       LocationTypeEnum eType;

       pPartDoc->GetLocationFoundIn(&bstrLocationName, &eType);

       TRACE (L"GetLocationFoundIn Location = <%s>, enum = %d", bstrLocationName, eType);

       // For example: <WorkSpace>, enum = 45057, read from the project file, I think




       // Show the simple full file path of the part...

       _bstr_t fdn = pPartDoc->GetFullDocumentName ();

       TRACE (L"FullDocumentName = <%s>",LPCWSTR (fdn)); "C:\\WillyWonker\\Chocolate.ipt"



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