fx: and parameters and formulas

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If you add a dimension but set it not to a numeric value but to a parameter, then that dimension will be shown with an fx: in front of it.


To get a sketch dimension to be a user parameter all you need to do is

1.Create the user parameter. Use the big f icon under the manage tab.
2.When you create an object in sketch mode, instead of typing in a number, type in the name of the user parameter.


These are called driving dimensions. Compare them to driven dimensions.


Difference between model parameters and user parameters.

Model Parameters are created automatically when you create an object, and are given automatic names, d0 for the diameter of the first circle you draw, for example. You can name model parameters on the fly, for example when you draw a circle, and then do a dimension of it instead of typing 35, type InnerTube=35 directly. In that way what would have been d4 (for example) becomes InnerTube. Actually type that into the tiny dimension edit box. It will then appear in the f dialog.



User Parameters are created by you to maybe drive dimensions, and maybe be applied to more than one part of the sketch.

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