get_Item and Item, what sort of parameter?

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When I need to get an item from a list, I generally use get_Item, because it crashes less, Item will throw an exception.


Here, the last two lines of code do the same thing:


  CComPtr<UserParameter> pUserParam ;

  pUserParameters->get_Item (CComVariant(i),&pUserParam) ;

  pUserParam = pUserParameters->Item [i] ;


And what about the parameters? Generally it is an index, and generally that index starts at 1 (not 0) as the first item.


   for (UINT i = 1 ; i <= ikNumModelParams ; i++) {

       CComPtr<ModelParameter> pModelParam ;

       pModelParameters->get_Item (CComVariant(i),&pModelParam) ;


Sometimes, if the item in the list has a text name, you can use the name in the call to get_Item. For example:


   const wchar_t* const pszUserParamName = ...


   CComPtr<UserParameter> pUserParam = nullptr ;

   pUserParameters->get_Item (CComVariant(pszUserParamName),&pUserParam) ;


Horses for courses.

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