Get user parameters using C#

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Here's how to do it:


       // Returns the string value of the user parameter named in the input

       static string GetUserParam (Inventor.AssemblyDocument InvIAMDoc, string sUserParamName)


           UserParameters UsrParams = InvIAMDoc.ComponentDefinition.Parameters.UserParameters;


           int iNumUsrParms = UsrParams.Count;


           for (int mp = 1; mp <= iNumUsrParms; mp++)


               // Get this user parameter

               UserParameter UsrParam = UsrParams[mp];


               // Compare its name to what we are looking for

               bool bIsMyParam = (string.Compare(UsrParam.Name, sUserParamName, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) == 0);


               // Return the value if it is the one...

               if (bIsMyParam)


                   string sMsg = string.Format("Found {0} with value {1} ", UsrParam.Name.ToString(), UsrParam.Value.ToString());


                   return UsrParam.Value;




           return "";





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