Getting the names of browser folders

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Here is how to loop over browser folders and print out the name of each folder:


   // Get the root of the pane of browser folders

   CComPtr<BrowserNode> pTopNode;



   // Get the enumerator to loop over the browser folders...

   BrowserFoldersEnumeratorPtr SubFolders = pTopNode->GetBrowserFolders();


   gLogger.Printf(ekLogMsg, L"Create new pane folder, %d already exist\n", SubFolders->Count);


   // Loop over the browser folders...

   for (int f = 1; f <= SubFolders->Count; f++) {


       // Get the folder...

       BrowserFolderPtr BrowserPtr = SubFolders->GetItem(f);


       // Get its name and print it...

       CComBSTR cStr;


       CString csName(cStr);

       gLogger.Printf(ekLogMsg, L"Folder %03d is <%s>", f, csName);






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