Getting the value of a custom iProperty

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Here is a function which gets a custom iProperty value, returning false if the value does not exist in the document.


So it can be used to test for existence as well as getting the actual value.


// Returns true if the custom iProperty exists, with the value in csRetValue Needs a DOC not a PART or ASSEMBLY

// Always returns a string in csRetValue

boolean DocHasCustomiProperty(CComPtr<Document>& pInventorDoc, const CString& kcsiPropName, CString& csRetValue)


   csRetValue = CString ("") ;


   CComPtr <PropertySets> pPropSets;



   const long ikNumSets = pPropSets->Count;


   // There are several sets of properties, loop over the sets...

   for (long iSet = 1; iSet <= ikNumSets; iSet++) {

       CComPtr<PropertySet> pPropSet;

       pPropSets->get_Item(CComVariant(iSet), &pPropSet);


       CComBSTR bstrPropSetName;


       CString csPropSetName(bstrPropSetName);


       if (csPropSetName.CompareNoCase(L"Inventor User Defined Properties") == 0) {

           // Loop over the properties of this property set...

           const long ikNumProps = pPropSet->Count;


           for (long iProp = 1; iProp <= ikNumProps; iProp++) {

               CComPtr<Property> pThisProp;

               pPropSet->get_Item(CComVariant(iProp), &pThisProp);


               _bstr_t bstrPropName = pThisProp->GetDisplayName();


               const CString kcsThisPropName(bstrPropName.GetBSTR());


               if (kcsThisPropName.CompareNoCase(kcsiPropName) == 0) {

                   // We've found the property we are interested in...

                   // ...convert it into a string

                   CComVariant varValue;



                   // Add more VT_... values for more detail...

                   if (varValue.vt == VT_BSTR) {

                       csRetValue = CString(varValue.bstrVal);


                   } else if (varValue.vt == VT_I4) {

                       csRetValue.Format(L"%d", varValue.intVal);


                   } else if (varValue.vt == VT_R8) {

                       csRetValue.Format(L"%.3f", varValue.dblVal);


                   } else {

                       csRetValue.Format(L"(?vt=%d?)", varValue.vt);



                   return true;






   return false ;


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