Getting the version of Inventor programatically

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Here is the code to do it:


    CComPtr<Application> pInvApp = ...


    CComBSTR bstrVersion ;

    pInvApp->SoftwareVersion->get_DisplayName (&bstrVersion) ;

    TRACE (L"Software version DisplayName is <%s>\n",bstrVersion) ;


    pInvApp->SoftwareVersion->get_DisplayVersion (&bstrVersion) ;

    TRACE (L"Software version DisplayVersion is <%s>\n",bstrVersion) ;


And the output in your debug window will look something like this:


Software version DisplayName is <2013 (Build 170138000, 138)>

Software version DisplayVersion is <2013>


Apart from DisplayName and DisplayVersion there are other functions like get_Major and get_Minor. For example:


    long iMajorVer ;

    pInvApp->SoftwareVersion->get_Major (&iMajorVer) ;


    long iMinorVer ;

    pInvApp->SoftwareVersion->get_Minor (&iMinorVer) ;


    TRACE (L"Software version Major=%d, Minor=%d\n",iMajorVer,iMinorVer) ;


with this result:


Software version Major=17, Minor=0


But I don't find numbers as helpful as the display strings.




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