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Here are two health status values which I've currently found:


kCannotComputeHealth 11783 Object cannot be evaluated.


kUpToDateHealth 11778 Object is up to date.


Here's a fragment of how it can be used, in this case with a RectangularPatternFeature...


    const HealthStatusEnum eHealth = pRectPatFeature->GetHealthStatus();

    gLogger.Printf(ekLogMsg, L"For pattern <%s> eHealth = %d",kcsPatternName, eHealth);

    if (eHealth == kCannotComputeHealth) {

        gLogger.Printf (ekErrMsg,L"Pattern health is bad %s\n",kcsPatternName) ;

        return E_FAIL ;




There are a lot of values for HealthStatusEnum, and I'm not sure of the meaning of all of them.




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