How to get iPart factory parent from child member

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In C++ follow this example:


   // This will give you "C:\Users\Owen\Documents\Inventor\Tubi_Rame_12-7_Liscio_Sp0,75.IPT"

   wchar_t* pszFullName = LPWSTR (pTroncCompDef->iPartMember->ReferencedDocumentDescriptor->FullDocumentName);

   if (pszFullName == nullptr) {

       return false;



   // Now get "Tubi_Rame_12-7_Liscio_Sp0,75.IPT"

   CString csIPartFileName(pszFullName);



   // Now load with "Tubi_Rame_12-7_Liscio_Sp0,75.IPT"



   if (csIPartFileName.GetLength() < NUM_SAP_CHARS) {

       return false;



   // Get the member name "30089191.IPT"

   const CString kcsPartName = GetPartName(pTroncCompDef);


   // Remove the IPT to get "30089191"

   const CString kcsTroncSapCode = kcsPartName.Mid(0, NUM_SAP_CHARS);


   // Use "30089191" to find the details

   return GetTroncDetailsByCode(Details,kcsTroncSapCode);



In VB it would be like this:


Public Sub main()


  Dim a As Application

  Set a = ThisApplication


  Dim b As PartDocument

  Set b = a.ActiveDocument


  a.Documents.Open (b.ComponentDefinition.iPartMember.ReferencedDocumentDescriptor.FullDocumentName)


End Sub


I need to translate this into C++.

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