How to get the RectangularPatterns in a PartComponentDefinition

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What you need to remember is that a RectangularPattern is a feature, so you need to get the features of a part in order to get any rectanguar patterns inside that part.


Here is a function which lists the names of rectangular patterns inside the part parameter passed to it:


void ListRectangularPatternFeatures (CComPtr<PartComponentDefinition>& pPartCompDef)


   // Get the list of features...

   CComPtr<PartFeatures> pFeaturesList ;

   pPartCompDef->get_Features(&pFeaturesList) ;


   // Get the list of rectangular features, we will add to this list....

   CComPtr<RectangularPatternFeatures> pRectPatList ;

   pFeaturesList->get_RectangularPatternFeatures (&pRectPatList) ;


   const long ikNumRecFeats = pRectPatList->GetCount() ;


   TRACE (L"There are %d rectangular pattern features\n",ikNumRecFeats) ;


   for (int iRect = 1 ; iRect <= ikNumRecFeats ; iRect++) {


       CComPtr <RectangularPatternFeature> pRectPatFeat ;

       pRectPatList->get_Item (CComVariant(iRect),&pRectPatFeat) ;


       BSTR bstrName =  pRectPatFeat->GetName () ;


       TRACE (L"Component %d is called %s\n",iRect,bstrName) ;






Error checking has been removed for brevity and clarity, but, as always, you should check the return values of the various Inventor API functions.


How to add a RectangularPattern to a PartComponentDefinition.

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