iLogic to add parts to an assembly

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Here you go, follow the comments...


Dim sExcelFileName As String = "Pippo.xlsx"

Dim oPath As String

Dim Row2 As String '= Row

Dim Rowchange2 As String '= Rowchange

Dim text2 As String = x1

Dim text3 As String = x1



'file path to use

oPath = ThisDoc.Path & "\"

'file to use

oFile = "40050457.ipt"


' set a reference to the assembly component definintion.

' This assumes an assembly document is open.

Dim oAsmCompDef As AssemblyComponentDefinition

oAsmCompDef = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument.ComponentDefinition


' These four lines create a matrix, which has default values scale 1 and pos 0,0,0

Dim oTG As TransientGeometry

oTG = ThisApplication.TransientGeometry

Dim oMatrix As Matrix

oMatrix = oTG.CreateMatrix


'Iterate through all of the occurrences

Dim oOccurrence As ComponentOccurrence



Dim i As Integer


For i = 2 To 6

   ' Form the cell address

   text2="C" + String.Format(i,"#")

       oFile = GoExcel.CellValue(sExcelFileName, "Sheet1",text2)


   'place an instance of the component

   'in this case at 0,0,0


   oOccurrence = oAsmCompDef.Occurrences.Add(oPath & oFile, oMatrix)

   oOccurrence.Grounded = False



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