iPart Member and PartNumber

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As far as I can tell there is some confusion here. It seems that Member is the key index into the table, and maybe PartNumber is a descriptive field. This confusion/duplication/feature is due to history.


So when creating iParts make sure that Member has the code of the object you are creating, like 34120009.


Why is a new column needed? It is because sometimes members can have the same Part Number. PN is just a user book-keeping attribute. We need a column with unique values.


In summary, the Member column has to be there. The cell values can be changed but they have to be unique. Please do not delete or relocate the column.


The Member also gives the name to any temporary files created by the iPart factory.


The iPart also generates "children" files, which represent each of the members of your table.  These are files that you normally don't have to do much with, as they are controlled by the table in the Factory part.  The file names for these child parts are controlled by the Member name from the table - hence, when you change the member names, their file names will change.  This (not the name of the factory part) is what the warning message was referring to.



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