iProperties, create a new property set

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This function will create a new property set and optionally add in the first value of that property set:


void AddPropertySet(CComPtr<Document>& pInventorDoc,

                   const CString& kcsNewPropSetName,

                   const wchar_t* const pszFirstPropName /*= nullptr*/,

                   const wchar_t* const pszFirstPropValue /*= nullptr*/)


   CComPtr <PropertySets> pPropSets;



   CComPtr<PropertySet> pNewPropSet;

   CComVariant varInternalName;

   pPropSets->Add(CComBSTR(kcsNewPropSetName), varInternalName, &pNewPropSet);


   if ((pszFirstPropName != nullptr) && (pszFirstPropValue != nullptr)) {

       CComPtr<Property> pProperty;

       CComVariant varPropVal(pszFirstPropValue);

       CComVariant varPropName(pszFirstPropName) ;

       CComVariant varPropId;

       pNewPropSet->Add(varPropVal, varPropName, varPropId, &pProperty);







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