iProperties overview

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iProperties are values which are stored within the Inventor document. So they are not stored within the part or assembly, but in the document which contains that part or assembly:




You can see iProperties by


1.Right clicking on the file (an .IPT or .IAM) and choosing iProperties from the context menu which pops up.
2.Opening the file inside Inventor and using the File menu.




Custom iProperties are useful for saving data which is not directly geometrical, maybe the date of the order or the name of the customer for whom the part was made, etc etc.


To get the property to be visible in the dialog box you need to save them in the "Inventor User Defined Properties" iProperty set, this is illustrated in this function.


To be able to read a custom property you can use this function.


You can add properties which are invisible to the dialog by inventing your own property set, as shown here.


You can list all the property sets and properties with this function.




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