Loading your DLL AddIn

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Addins are loaded at the startup of Inventor.


Once you have your Inventor AddIn DLL you need to show it to Inventor so it can be loaded. You do this by creating an .AddIn file. If you use the wizard that will be done for you. The .addin file needs to be placed in one or more of several directories.


One example place is here:


%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Autodesk\Inventor 2013\Addins

Note that the above path will resolve down to something like this:


C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Inventor 2013\Addins


Also note that maybe you are using a different version of Inventor, so the 2013 becaomes 2014 for example.


Anyway, since the .AddIn file has a path to your DLL, Inventor scans the known directories and examines the .AddIn files it finds. Hence it reads the <Assembly> part of the .AddIn file, and knows where to pick up the file.



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