Matrix Vector and SetTranslation, C#

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Here is an example of how to use them:


           // Create the default matrix...

           Matrix PosMat = TransGeom.CreateMatrix();

           Vector DistribPos = TransGeom.CreateVector();


           Point Origin = TransGeom.CreatePoint(0, 0, 0);

           Vector VectorAxis = TransGeom.CreateVector(1, 0, 0);

           PosMat.SetToRotation(-Math.PI/2.0, VectorAxis, Origin);


           DistribPos.X = -20.0; // front view vertical positioning, may change

           DistribPos.Y = 15.0; // how far from the spalla main plane, may change

           DistribPos.Z = -mmEndPlateWidth/10.0; // position near center of double battery




Remember that SetTranslation will want cm, not mm.



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