Offset of a point

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You can give a point an offset...


I'm a programmer/educator not a mechanical designer so please bear with me. There is a flange constrained using a plane an axis and a point:




I'd like to be able to move the flanged tube in by 10mm. I can do this by increasing the offset on the point-point constraint to 10mm. If I use -10 it does not go in the other direction. Presumably the absolute value of the number is taken.


But what tells Inventor in which direction the offset (in a point to point constraint) should go?.


This described mate combination has two possible solutions. During mate creation you can control the result using BiasPointOne and BiasPointTwo arguments. When the mates are already created, you can move with the occurrence via API or iProperties dialog. If you move the occurrence near to the second possible solution, after update the occurrence will be move to the nearest  solution (the second one in this case).

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