Open an Inventor file using C#

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You can use Open or OpenWithOptions. Here's how to do it with OpenWithOptions:



   NameValueMap Options = m_Inventor.TransientObjects.CreateNameValueMap () ;

   // Some example options....

   Options.Add("SkipAllUnresolvedFiles", true);

   Options.Add("DesignViewRepresentation", "View1");

   Options.Add("DeferUpdates", true);


   AssemblyDocument IamDoc = (AssemblyDocument)m_Inventor.Documents.OpenWithOptions(sFullDocName,Options,true);



The last true means Open Visible.


The DeferUpdates in interesting. If you turn defer updates on, Inventor blocks all kinds of editability, to the in-memory data.  But the file itself stays as is, so that is what I use for read-only processing, where I only want to read from the file, and not modify it.




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