Parameter types

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Apart from Model parameters and User parameters each parameter also has a type ParameterTypeEnum which specifies who and why a parameter was created.


Here is how to get the information:


   ParameterTypeEnum eParamType ;

   pModelParam->get_ParameterType (&eParamType) ;

   TRACE (L"The ParameterTypeEnum is %d\n",eParamType) ;


and the values can be:


kDerivedParameter : Parameters automatically created from derived component.

kModelParameter : Parameter created automatically by Inventor when a command requires it.

kReferenceParameter :  Parameter created automatically by Inventor while creating a driven dimension, for example.

kTableParameter : Parameters created from a table; like a spreadsheet.

kUserParameter : Parameters explicitly created by the user.



The user units of the parameters are stored as a string and can be accessed like this:


   CComBSTR bstrUnits ;

   pModelParam->get_Units (&bstrUnits) ;

   TRACE (L"Units = <%s> \n",(wchar_t*)(bstrUnits)) ;


You'll get strings like "mm" or "in" etc. Note that internal units may be different.

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