Pattern counts and pattern name

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Once you get hold of a rectangular pattern you can count rows and columns as follows...


       // Getting hold of the row and column counts is a bit tricky...

       CComVariant varRowCount (pRectPattern->RowCount->GetValue());

       CComVariant varColCount (pRectPattern->ColumnCount->GetValue());


       // Getting hold of the pattern name...

       const CString kcsPatternName (pRectPattern->Name.GetBSTR());

       const UINT ikNumSubItems = int(varRowCount.dblVal * varColCount.dblVal);


       gLogger.Printf (ekLogMsg,L"Rect Pattern <%s> has %.1f rows and %.1f columns, numsub items=%d",



Oddly enough the counts are double values, which is why we use .dblVal in the above code.


The code also illustrates getting hold of the pattern's name.


Patterns can have a count of 1.



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