Plane object, getting its geometry

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Here is how to get it from a proxy inside an assembly, but you can use a similar function for a real WorkPlane.


// This will get you the point and the normal which define the workplane

void GetWorkPlaneProxyData(CVec& vecRoot, CVec& vecNormal, CComPtr<WorkPlaneProxy>& pWorkPlaneProxy)


   double RootCoords[3];

   SAFEARRAY* pRootArray = CreateSafeDoubleArray(3, RootCoords) ;


   double NormalCoords[3];

   SAFEARRAY* pNormArray = CreateSafeDoubleArray(3, NormalCoords) ;




   for (LONG i = XI ; i <= ZI; i++) {

       LONG rgIndex = i;

       double Root = 0;

       SafeArrayGetElement(pRootArray, &rgIndex, &Root);

       vecRoot.SetVal(i, Root);


       double Norm = 0;

       SafeArrayGetElement(pNormArray, &rgIndex, &Norm);

       vecNormal.SetVal(i, Norm);







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