Problem when inserting iParts into Assemblies

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You may get one of these messages while trying to insert a specific member of an iPart:


Problems encountered while saving the document.

The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

The database in P:\...\Part1.ipt.* could not be saved


When it happened to me I found that only certain members had problems. I had to copy those members in the iPart Author with a temporary new member name, then delete the offending rows, then rename the member to the original code.


For example code (member) 123456 gives you problems:

1.Create a new entry in the table, 123456N for example.
2.Set the column values to be the same as 123456.
3.Delete 123456, and rename 123456N into 123456. You'll be warned that changing the member name will change the filename. Continue anyway.



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