Project files

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You should start all new projects with a project file, it'll have the extension .ipj.


Projects are a way of organizing many components, parts, assemblies etc. There are two main reasons for having a project file.


1.Organise a single standalone project
2.Have a library of read only components.


For single users project directories contain all the (new) components of the project, i.e. sub drectories are not used. Libraries contain parts and assemblies which will not be modified.


The book: Mastering AutoDesk Inventor 2013 has some interesting techniques for project files.


Project files are XML files. Note that when you open a .ipt or .iam the dialog box also specified the project:




You can set the top level directory of all your projects using the Application Options dialog.


Include= (in the project options dialog) tells you which other projects can be accessed from this project.





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